Merry Everything!


Happy Holidays and Merry December!  We are so excited for the holidays this year.  Bring on the caroling, hot cocoa, sledding and all the fun times! It is our true joy to provide families and friends with this magical experience!  And what would the holiday season be, with out a little gift giving ? Well, [...]

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New Ownership!


3D Keepsake Imaging is pleased to announce, we have new owners! We would love to take a moment to introduce the amazing Randi Thompson and Steve Trollope.  These two crazy kids are our new owners and  now members of our 3D Keepsake family!  Randi and Steve are a husband and wife team who work in, [...]

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This Land Was Made For You and Me!


It's JULY and "Baby, you're a Firework!"  Summer is officially here, and we are loving it.  Bring on the beautiful sunset BBQs, shady umbrella days and air conditioning, lots of air conditioning when you are preggo. ;) We get it.   That means this is a perfect time to come see us here at 3D Keepsake [...]

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Happy June and Happy Father's Day!!  This month we are thankful for all the Big Poppas out there!! We love ya Dads, for the "special" way you do things...from the house to the kids. ;) Lol.  This month we have some sweet giveaways to honor those special guys!  For the month of June, all of [...]


Spring Arrivals!


Its time to spring into April with a hippity-hop in our step!  We are gladly leaning into these warmer days, spring showers and Easter flowers!  It is always amazing to see the all the life waking up from winter.  Our personal favorite part of spring is...all the BABIES!  And there have been sooo many beautiful [...]

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Dear Santa…We peeked !!


Dear Santa, We just had to peek!  If you are as excited and impatient as we are about the best gift ever...Come on in and see us!  Christmas time is here.  That means you absolutely should give yourself and your family the most amazing experience EVER! Peek in on your little one, hear baby's sweet [...]

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November!   And just like is here.  The season of giving thanks, feeling blessed and grateful. We are certainly blessed and grateful to be able to do what we do.  Being able to bring families and friends together to share these special moments of life make us feel #blessed !!! So for the month of [...]


Tutus and Touchdowns!


Hellllloooo September! Did you know that September is the most popular birth month?  ("Busy" holiday season + 9 months =September babies :) )  Fun fact!  So, I suppose it is time to wave good bye to our summer and open our arms to crisper mornings,  hot air balloons, turning leaves and some football! Its that [...]

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Our Big Announcement!!!!!


3D Keepsake Imaging is now coming to you  in "HD Live"! What is "HD Live" you say?  Well, it is the latest and greatest 4D technology. We have just acquired the GE’s Voluson E8 which includes the most advanced imaging technology available that incorporates the full scope of High Definition or HD imaging. That means, you can [...]

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Dear Ol’ Dad!


Hi Dads!!  You are up!  June is all about the men in our lives.  That's right!  We are celebrating YOU guys.  We thank you for being the amazing, silly, smart, handsome, handy, messy, good guys that you are~ We couldn't do it with you.   Who needs another tool or tie?  How about amazing experience, seeing [...]

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