3D Keepsake Imaging is now coming to you  in “HD Live“! What is “HD Live” you say?  Well, it is the latest and greatest 4D technology. We have just acquired the GE’s Voluson E8 which includes the most advanced imaging technology available that incorporates the full scope of High Definition or HD imaging. That means, you can now see your baby’s features MORE clearly and MORE realistic than ever before!  (Scroll through images above!)

HDlive™ accurately enhances your baby’s anatomical realism, provides real-world depth perception and can provide the first glimpse of what your baby looks like. The other groundbreaking technology in this view is a sort of “virtual flashlight” that can be used to enhance the images by moving it around until the image has the best “lighting” possible (even though it’s virtual).  Our new equipment has been medically calibrated by GE as well as our own specialists, and as always, uses the same safety and frequency of sound waves to create these amazing images.

**To celebrate our amazing upgrade to HD/4D, we will of course be doing a giveaway this month!   With both our Keepsake and Sneak Peek packages we will be including a FREE photo CD so that you will have all your baby’s AMAZING HD images digitally stored to keep forever!