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Wicked Sweet Halloween!


Happy October to you! It is time for Halloween and tricks or treats!  As October and the fall season comes sweeping in, we hope to see YOU pop through our doors!  We are running our wickedly sweet specials every week and  we would love to show you some adorable new retail items we are now [...]

Wicked Sweet Halloween!2019-10-01T08:17:21-07:00

New Ownership!


3D Keepsake Imaging is pleased to announce, we have new owners! We would love to take a moment to introduce the amazing Randi Thompson and Steve Trollope.  These two crazy kids are our new owners and  now members of our 3D Keepsake family!  Randi and Steve are a husband and wife team who work in, [...]

New Ownership!2019-09-01T08:06:22-07:00

Dog Days of Summer


Well here it is, August!!  Summer, can you stay just a little longer? We are definitely having those dog-day summer vibes right now! And for all you prego mamas, it's too hot to do anything but walk around Target, with your favorite icy Starbucks, frappy something in hand, right? We hear you.  That is why [...]

Dog Days of Summer2019-08-01T07:10:01-07:00

This Land Was Made For You and Me!


It's JULY and "Baby, you're a Firework!"  Summer is officially here, and we are loving it.  Bring on the beautiful sunset BBQs, shady umbrella days and air conditioning, lots of air conditioning when you are preggo. ;) We get it.   That means this is a perfect time to come see us here at 3D Keepsake [...]

This Land Was Made For You and Me!2019-07-01T16:43:45-07:00



Happy June and Happy Father's Day!!  This month we are thankful for all the Big Poppas out there!! We love ya Dads, for the "special" way you do things...from the house to the kids. ;) Lol.  This month we have some sweet giveaways to honor those special guys!  For the month of June, all of [...]


Ins and Outs of Motherhood


Happy May and Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas!  May is a month of celebration.  We want to celebrate all of you that #momsohard.   We are so lucky to be able to share and create a wonderful experience, documenting these beginning "inside" moments of your little one's life and the beginnings of motherhood!  [...]

Ins and Outs of Motherhood2019-05-01T06:12:34-07:00

Spring Arrivals!


Its time to spring into April with a hippity-hop in our step!  We are gladly leaning into these warmer days, spring showers and Easter flowers!  It is always amazing to see the all the life waking up from winter.  Our personal favorite part of spring is...all the BABIES!  And there have been sooo many beautiful [...]

Spring Arrivals!2019-04-01T12:36:05-07:00



Well hello there March! C'mon in!  We are definitely calling shenanigans on the past month of wintery-ness, and we are ready for just a few signs that spring is near.  So for this St. Paddy's Day, we have a bright and shiny new giveaway!  For the month of March we will be giving away a [...]


We Heart You!


Happy lovely February! We made it through those post holiday dull drums and now it's February and it's time to feel the LOVE!!  Here at 3D Keepsake Imaging, how could we not LOVE what we do?  We get to show you your sweet little cherubs, sucking their thumbs, waving their hands and smiling!   Come in [...]

We Heart You!2019-02-01T09:35:29-07:00

New year, New life


2019 !!!##!!**  Welcome to this fresh, brand-new year!  We love this crisp clean start to another year of Life, and all the beautiful new Life that will be born this very year.  It is so exciting and so magical.  We look so forward to seeing all of your little ones and sharing an amazing bonding [...]

New year, New life2019-01-01T10:41:10-07:00