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We Heart You!


Happy lovely February! We made it through those post holiday dull drums and now it's February and it's time to feel the LOVE!!  Here at 3D Keepsake Imaging, how could we not LOVE what we do?  We get to show you your sweet little cherubs, sucking their thumbs, waving their hands and smiling!   Come in [...]

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New year, New life


2019 !!!##!!**  Welcome to this fresh, brand-new year!  We love this crisp clean start to another year of Life, and all the beautiful new Life that will be born this very year.  It is so exciting and so magical.  We look so forward to seeing all of your little ones and sharing an amazing bonding [...]

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Dear Santa…We peeked !!


Dear Santa, We just had to peek!  If you are as excited and impatient as we are about the best gift ever...Come on in and see us!  Christmas time is here.  That means you absolutely should give yourself and your family the most amazing experience EVER! Peek in on your little one, hear baby's sweet [...]

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November!   And just like that..it is here.  The season of giving thanks, feeling blessed and grateful. We are certainly blessed and grateful to be able to do what we do.  Being able to bring families and friends together to share these special moments of life make us feel #blessed !!! So for the month of [...]




Oh?!  Hey there Fall!  The leaves are a-changin, the mornings are crisp and cool.  Well I guess that does it...its time for Pumpkin Spice and everything nice!  This is one of our most favorite seasons,  and we want to celebrate October with our most favorite people, doing what we love.  We want to share some [...]


Tutus and Touchdowns!


Hellllloooo September! Did you know that September is the most popular birth month?  ("Busy" holiday season + 9 months =September babies :) )  Fun fact!  So, I suppose it is time to wave good bye to our summer and open our arms to crisper mornings,  hot air balloons, turning leaves and some football! Its that [...]

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Beach Bums


August is here!  Even though it is August, we still have time to squeeze in a few more days by the pool, warm nights under the beautiful Nevada sky and days with sandy beach bums!!!  We want to squeeze in even more awesome memories.  Speaking of awesome memories, here at 3D keepsake Imaging we can [...]

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Our Big Announcement!!!!!


3D Keepsake Imaging is now coming to you  in "HD Live"! What is "HD Live" you say?  Well, it is the latest and greatest 4D technology. We have just acquired the GE’s Voluson E8 which includes the most advanced imaging technology available that incorporates the full scope of High Definition or HD imaging. That means, you can [...]

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Dear Ol’ Dad!


Hi Dads!!  You are up!  June is all about the men in our lives.  That's right!  We are celebrating YOU guys.  We thank you for being the amazing, silly, smart, handsome, handy, messy, good guys that you are~ We couldn't do it with you.   Who needs another tool or tie?  How about amazing experience, seeing [...]

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The Heart of a Mother


Happy May and Happy Mother's Day!  May is such a special month to us and we just love celebrating you MOMS.  It is said that "mothers hold their children's hands for a while, but their hearts forever."  We want to honor the hearts of you moms AND the little ones that made us mothers.  That [...]

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