Happy October to you! It is time for Halloween and tricks or treats!  As October and the fall season comes sweeping in, we hope to see YOU pop through our doors!  We are running our wickedly sweet specials every week and  we would love to show you some adorable new retail items we are now carrying in the shop.  Are you ready to see your little one ?  Well, we have a couple little treats we will be adding to our full 3D/4D packages this month!  All of our Sneak Peek packages will be getting a free ultrasound keepsake peek a boo card.  Choose from Mom, Dad or Grandparent poem, including white ribbon for display.  All of our Keepsake packages will be receiving a free heartbeat recorder.  Enjoy the perfect and precious sounds of your baby’s heart beat for years to come.

We look forward to your visit! Call us at 775-851-7626 or click through to schedule your appointment today!


*photo courtesy of Google