Its March and it is baby madness!   We might be a teeny bit biased, but is everyone pregnant right now? Lol. Well, from our view..ALL we see are basketball bellies everywhere..and we LOVE it!  So this month, we are celebrating our version of March Madness with some great freebies!  All of our Sneak Peek packages will be getting a FREE frame-able, peek a boo ultrasound picture card. Choose from “Daddy’s Heart”, “Mother’s Heart”, “Grandma’s Heart”, “Grandpa’s Heart” or “Your Little Grandbaby” (while supplies last).  With our Keepsake packages, we will be throwing in a FREE photo disk.  The photo CD includes all of your little one’s photos from your 3D/4D ultrasound session!   We hope you all come in and “score” one of these  awesome packages.  You can enjoy any of our ultrasound packages from the comfort of our spacious theater room.  Call us at 775-851-7626 or click on through to our website for online scheduling!


*photo courtesy of Google