Are you egg-specting ? Are you hopping with excitement?  Alright, alright!  Happy Spring! Spring is the season of new beginnings and best of all, babies!  We hope you will come and get a peek of your little one.   April is a great time to “shower” you moms and dads-to-be with some great free gifts with your 3D/4D ultrasound package!  This month we are excited to be giving away a FREE photo disk with  all of our Sneak Peek packages.  Your baby’s very first images will be printed as well as saved to this disk to cherish for years to come.  For our Keepsake packages, we will be including a FREE heart beat recorder. From the moment you hear your baby’s sweet heart sounds, you will want to listen again and again.

Are you ready to find out if it will be pink or blue?  We can determine gender starting at 14 weeks.  Let us know how we can help keep it under wraps for your gender reveal as well!   We hope to see you soon!


*photo courtesy of Google