Merry Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!  As December comes jingling in, we hope the spirit of season fills you and yours with warmth and joy.  And we also hope that Santa gives you everything you wish for! 🙂  We would like to kick off the gift giving with some fun freebies included in our 3D/4D packages this month.  For the month of December our Sneak Peek packages will include a FREE photo CD.  This keepsake CD will have all your baby’s precious photos saved digitally.  Our Keepsake packages will include your choice of a beautiful ultrasound frame ornament.  Enjoy this pregnancy keepsake ornament for many holidays to come!  We will also continue our $70 Gender Check special every Tuesday.  Find out if there will be pink or blue under the tree!  Call or click to schedule your appointment online anytime.  We look forward to seeing you this holiday season!




*photo courtesy of Google